Posidonia 2018 is with us. The actual event opens at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, on June 4 and runs to June 8, but Greece has been welcoming the world of shipping since the beginning of this week with the networking and partying associated with the industry's greatest gathering already getting into in full swing.

Greek shipowners control a world-leading fleet worth $105bn, having expanded their share of the global fleet from 13% in 2008, the year Lehman Brothers fell, to a 17% now, according to Clarksons Research's md, Steve Gordon. "Ten years on from the financial crisis, and despite domestic economic woes and much shipping market stress, Greek shipping continues to dominate the league table of owning nations," said Gordon.

The Chinese Embassy in Athens has filed a complaint with the Greek government concerning increasing pressure on the part of disgruntled port workers on the port's Chinese management. The compliant was after port workers blockaded, May 31, the two container terminals run by China’s Cosco under a 35-year concession agreement.

Leading Greek shipowners see LNG as having a massive future in shipping both as a cargo and as a fuel for ships. But they warn the lack of infrastructure development is holding back the switch from oil to gas when coming out strongly in favour of LNG as a marine fuel.

The whole maritime chain should be involved in ensuring reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from ships, including ports and shipbuilders. This was agreed when European shipowners this week discussed with Euro MPs Imo's initial GHG emissions reduction strategy for shipping.